Our Vision

We have been asking our members and the Indy community what makes The Hatch unique from other coworking places. And we keep hearing the same answer: The Hatch is open.

We are open literally - windows and natural light and garage doors make the space feel very different from florescent lighting or windowless offices. But more importantly, we are open metaphorically. We are the home to a diverse mix of people and businesses.

At The Hatch, we are proud that we have nearly equal gender representation (48% of our members are female). And while we are the home to great tech companies, only 1/3 of the businesses at The Hatch are traditional tech companies.

Why does this matter? Because it means our mission is working. We wanted to create a coworking environment for everyone and anyone. A place that unique individuals and diverse businesses can call home. We see that reflected in the people who have already joined, and in the thousands of visitors we have had at events at The Hatch.

We would love the chance to show you what open and diverse coworking looks like. Please email us to learn more or stop by for a tour.

Our Story

With backgrounds in advertising, painting, landscape design, writing, research, social media, real estate and law, the founders of The Hatch are a diverse group with one thing in common- we believe that if you’re curious, you’re creative. 

The idea for The Hatch began with Jen Handley and Ben Carlson, as they went through a long process to find the perfect office space for their social media research firm, Fizziology. They wanted a creative, inspired, non-traditional and collaborative space for their growing Millennial workforce, and realized that what they wanted just didn’t exist in Indianapolis or in the Midwest markets they explored. Even in spaces they’ve worked in in larger cities on the coasts, they hadn’t seen spaces tailored to creating balance. It needed to answer the desires for life/work balance, the needs of a growing freelance movement, and the demands of a younger workforce.

Inspired by their travels and the needs of their growing firm, Ben and Jen set out to evolve how the Midwest works. They had a vision for an open work space, but the space needed to be more than just a place to get stuff done. It needed to be about creativity – a place to follow passions, to be inspired by others and a place to hone your craft. At its core, The Hatch needed to be a place for people to create.

With idea in hand, Jen and Ben quickly assembled a dynamic and experienced team to bring this vision to life. For location and design expertise, Jen and Ben turned to Chad Handley and Adam Garvey. Chad brings over a decade in real estate, development and property management experience to The Hatch.  Adam has been leading design for interior and exterior experiences for over 12 years as owner of Gardens of Growth. Adam strives to create spaces that are comfortable, sustainable and inspirational and incorporates these values into the experiences he creates for The Hatch. 

Next, Jen and Ben looked for a partner that could elevate the experience of the Hatch as well as a partner who could advise on best practices for start-up structure and growth. Laurie Schneider was selected due to her background in creative marketing working with big brands and leading diverse creative teams. Laurie brings this project management and client service background to The Hatch working to grow the brand and its mission. 

This team paired well with Jen and Ben’s experience in launching a successful tech firm as well as their backgrounds working in data, analytics and consumer behavior and leading business strategy and driving creative innovation for Fortune 500 companies and entertainment studios. The combined Hatch leadership team brought together the diverse expertise needed to bring the vision for The Hatch to life.

At The Hatch, we are a new kind of work space dedicated to people who create.  From designers to photographers, to bloggers and entrepreneurs, we celebrate creativity in all its many forms. Welcome to The Hatch. 

Who We Are


Jen Handley

Co-Founder / Chief Executive Officer


Ben Carlson

Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer


Chad Handley

Co-Founder / Chief Development Officer


Adam Garvey

Chief Design Officer


Laurie Schneider

Chief Experience Officer


Maggie Hohne

Location Manager


Katie Flannagan

Community Manager


Elise Rorick

Community Manager


Michell Howard

Member Concierge